Thursday, July 30, 2009

New and Redone!

I have been working on my query here and at and appreciate all of the help and advice! Here is what it has all come down to:

Dear (agent),

When Rochelle looks up from her desk she finds him sitting there, her stalker, a man in all black which the same violet eyes as her. She doesn't want him to come nearer, so she runs away as fast as she can, never looking back.

Scared for her life, she is surprised to see the two violet eyed strangers she had met just a week before, here in Tennessee,and on a mission to save her. They bring her to Michael, their leader, and she suddenly realizes that he is the man who has been plaguing all of her dreams. The connection she shares with him is so deep and consuming, it is all Rochelle can do to keep it out of the forefront of her mind.

Twenty year old Rochelle soon learns that Michael and his group of friends are time travelers, otherwise known as tempus viators. They can only travel into the future, never the past, since the past is set but the future is always open for change. Michael swears to help her find this stalker, and when they do no one is more surprised than Rochelle, to find that it was her long lost brother Adam. Adam came to help save her from their father, who is under the control of Smith, an evil tempus viator. No one knows Smith's plan, but the do know if they don't stop him, everything and everyone they hold dear will be in immanent danger.

TEMPUS VIATOR is a young adult paranormal romance complete at 72,000 words. I would be happy to send a partial or a full manuscript upon your request.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


Any more comments or feedback would be awesome and more than welcome! I want this thing to be the best it can be!