Monday, August 17, 2009

Just Finished: Shadowbridge by Gregory Frost

Here's a little bit about this book:

Orphaned 16-year-old Leodora, a talented puppeteer and storyteller, is forced to hide her identity and gender as she travels the spans and tunnels of the ocean-crossing Shadowbridge in Frost's exciting first of a diptych. Stubborn and god-touched, Leodora feels nearly friendless until she meets a youth with similar gifts. Diverus, an enslaved simpleton, is endowed with intelligence and uncanny musical abilities when an unpredictable deity visits his span. When Diverus plays and Leodora performs, their synergy creates magic and brings them instant fame. Only Leodora's mentor, the perpetually drunken Soter, realizes that their brilliance attracts dangerous chaos energy, and he must protect the young pair while keeping long-held secrets about the deaths of Leodora's parents and the dangers of her talent. Frost (Fitcher's Brides) draws richly detailed human characters and embellishes his multilayered stories with intriguing creatures—benevolent sea dragons, trickster foxes, death-eating snakes and capricious gods—that make this fantasy a sparkling gem of mythic invention and wonder.
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Now for my personal opinion. Well, I enjoyed this book a lot really. I decided to read it because I queried the agent he has and wanted to say that I read this book in my query letter. It was kind of slow at first but by the middle of the book I was hooked and will totally read the sequel, Lord Tophet when I get a chance.

The next book by my bed is Dragons perfer Blonds by Candace Havens. The title alone made me want to read it!