Thursday, August 27, 2009

Looking up

Things are starting to look somewhat positive for us now. My student loan money went in and we accepted it all since we don't know how long my husband will be without a job. He also got a mail from the unemployment people letting him know when to expect money and how much. It isn't nearly as much as he did make but it is something! He also has a few job leads so we are just praying that one of them will work out.

On another note:

Now, I have one book finished and just one chapter started on the sequel to it. I want to write more of it but things are just so chaotic right now it doesn't feel right. I just started a new job, school is back on, big scary mess with husband loosing his job. It makes me kind of scared because I don't want to be one of those people who writes just one book. I like the outline I have for my second and I have so many other ideas that I don't want to go to waste. I just hate not working on it. At least I go over it in my head (I love playing with the plot lines). Does this ever happen to anyone else? What do you do? Just wait it out I guess is all you can do.

Here's another thing I thought yesterday and it cracked me up. (Yes I laugh at myself) One of the agencies who has one of my partials twittered that they were reading queries. Nothing wrong with that, except the first thought that went through my head was," why in the world are they not reading all the partials they requested!?" Very selfish I know. It makes me think back once to an agents blog where they said sometimes query people get mad at them for not taking every day of the week to read queries. They do have clients, and clients would like and deserve their attention to. I just couldn't believe that I thought I was better then all the query people because I am a potential client! I wasn't aware that my mindset had changed.

No worries, I am well on my way to trying not to think selfish thoughts. It is a live long process. :)