Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Early Resolutions

I already know what I want to do for my New Year's Resolution. It is the same one that about a few million other people will have as well. Loose weight.

I think we all really know how to loose weight. Ya really don't need the latest diet fad or anything. Those are just hopes or dreams we have that we don't have to do what we know to do already: exercise, eat healthy and eat smaller portions.

So, I'm going to start my resolution now, just for kicks.

Here's my plan:

Work out every Monday,Wednesday and Friday by walking 3 miles or having an one hour workout. Eating healthy and limiting myself to one portion.

I know, why would I decided to do this right before Christmas and all the goodies that come with it? Simple-because I need too.

Right now I am the heaviest I have ever been. If I can loose 5 lbs. a month; by this time next year my resolution will be to keep my current weight!

I chose to blog about this because I know its going to be a tough journey and this is something a lot of people need support with-including me!

I will try to make updates when I reach certain goals and things.

Merry Christmas!