Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Starting anew!

My husband feels called now to expand the ministry we have. Here's his support letter. If you feel called to help just let me know. Your prayers are much appreciated and welcome!

Merry Christmas,

This time of year we all tend to gather as a family and think about the baby in the manger; such an incredible child that lived a perfect life. This year has been hard on many families financially throughout our nation. I myself was laid off and I believe that now is an open opportunity for Joy and I to expand our ministry. Our goal is to expand and possibly look for a facility.
We currently have a ministry called Movie and Game Night, where we invite people over for a movie, games, food, and drinks. This ministry has had over 70 people that have came to it, with as many as 20 people attending in one night. Currently this ministry is done in our home. The ministry has helped us grow closer to teens and young adults in ways where we can be more involved in their life and tell them the gospel personally. We also host a Bible study, and have special event nights that we do for adults. We love being involved in these young peoples lives and expanding this ministry will give us a chance to build stronger connections with them, as well as do more for them.
We ask that you keep us in your prayers as we embark on this journey to spread the gospel and help bring people to Christ and His church.
If you desire to help give to the ministry and help us be able to go out and work this mission, let us know. We'd be grateful for any help we could receive in this! Your prayers in this are always welcome.

Thank you and God bless!

Matt and Joy Wilson