Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Big Huge Thank you!

I am hoping this post gets a lot of hits because I want people to see this.

Some might know of the things I am facing in my life right now. They are not happy or pretty things but they are there none the less.

Maybe you know what is going on, maybe not, but I have had so many people praying for me and telling me words of encourgement that I feel I have to so something to say thank you. Since I have no money to throw a big thank you party a blog post dedicated to saying thank you is what your going to get!



I am so thankful and greatful for all the prayers and support. God has been taking care of me every step of the way and me "handling" things good or whatnot is totally and utterly His doing. I am so nothing with out Him!

Please keep praying, my road isn't finished yet and I have several hills to climb. If you need some prayer just let me know! I am always praying and glad to add you into my prayers.

Thanks again everyone who has been kind and supportive. God bless you!