Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Sims..aka a time consuming hobby

So....I play the Sims. I've played Sims one for a long time, upgraded to Sims 2 and enjoyed that as well...and now...I have Sims 3. Not only do I have it for my computer...but I have it for my xbox as well!!

For those of you who have played this game before, you know of its addicting qualities. It's ability to keep you from anything remotely productive and a hunger drive for more playing action.

For those who have only heard but not played, here's the deal. You have a character; you give them traits; you get them a job and help them achieve their goals. The end. That's the game in the nutshell.

As simple and easy as this game sounds, it craws into your life and stays there until you get totally burned out on it. Then you have about six months of freedom before the itch to play comes back.

In my games, I make characters of myself and am more concerned with building the family line. I'm on the fourth generation currently. My boyfriend, loves to customize items and is concerned with accomplishing everything he possibly can for his sims. So there are different approaches to the game one can have.

If you find yourself bored a lot, or just need a good break from reality, this very well could be a game for you!

Now...back to my homework so I can go home and play without feeling guilty. :o