Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So, this is the picture of MY new tattoo!! I've been wanting one on my wrist for a long time, several years in fact. And now, I have it! I can't even put into words how excited I am about it! I love it and I couldn't be happier!

I have always been drawn to tattoos. When I was a girl I thought boys who had them were so hot. For a while I never expected to get tattoos myself, but I got my first one, a red star, last September. I have a feeling I will end up with at least five. All small for the most part, no sleeves or anything. For me, I wait to get a tattoo when I know the place and picture I want. Even then, I don't go get it right away, I wait to make sure the idea sticks in my head and doesn't change, I mean, tattoo's are permanent. I realize they are not for everyone and that's fine, I like them and feel like they help describe who I am.

Another fear most people have is having tattoo's that show. (This new one is on my wrist, my other is on my shoulder) I certainly see the logic in that, but mine is small enough that a bracelet could cover most of it, and I don't see myself going into fields that have taboos on visible tattoos.

So that's my tattoo story, if you have on feel free to share!