Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Poem

Crazy week, but I think things are finally settling for me. I'm not one to read poetry but when I am feeling something strong it is one of the most helpful ways for me to express myself. I wrote a poem this week, it's a religious one, which mine always seem to tend to be. No title as of yet but here it is:

I turned from You,
when I needed You most.
My Heart was hurting,
and I blamed You.
You stood by and waited,
as I wallowed in my sin.
You never left my side,
though I refused to look at Your face.
As my life grew more cold,
I could still feel You there.
Waiting with open arms,
to receive Your lost child again.
I didn't want to admit I needed You,
I wanted to be strong.
Everything I did turned to dust.
Till I was left naked and alone.
You picked me up and washed me.
Cleansing me with Your blood.
Washing away my transgressions,
till I was clean and whole again.
As I stood up anew, I
fell into Your arms.
You embraced me as Your lost sheep,
finally home and returned.