Monday, April 23, 2012

Are you ready for some rewrites!?

This coming Wednesday is my last day of finals! yay!! Since this week is the start of my summer break I'm starting on rewriting my finished novel. :)

My goals for this summer are:
1. Rewrite my novel and make it totally freakin' awesome.
2. Blog at least twice a week and comment on 3 other blogs.
3. Check twitter 3 times a day and tweet 3 times a day (as the minimum).
4. Work through one of my writing books.

I have four months to get everything going and I'm so excited about it all! Yay for kick off days!

I've already started checking and tweeting on twitter and have gotten 3 new followers today alone!! My reason for trying to have more of a presence on Twitter is because I think its a great way to connect to other writers and people in the publishing world. Since that's what I'm all about this summer it just makes sense to amp up my twitter time.

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