Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Blast from my past!!

This being my last day of the semester (woohoo!) I've already started re-reading the novel I plan to rewrite this summer. After reading just a few chapters I'm amazed at what I see. I didn't realize how far I've come as a writer. By spending a few years in English related classes and writing who knows how many papers for school, I know my writing style now is much different then it was back in 2009.

In some ways it's like looking into a mirror, or an old photo album. I can see the old me seeping out through the words on the page. My young writing self was so ambitious, so ready to be a famous author. I rushed through my novel and the query process with no success. Now, three years later, with my new wise self, I'm ready to take this story and shake off all the unnecessary and turn it into something beautiful. I'm still proud of myself for writing that novel when I did, and the bones of the story are awesome, but I'm also glad that I now have the knowledge I need to really shine and polish this story up so it really can be query worthy.