Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Novel in the works

This past week sucked. It happens. These past few days haven't been easy, but they have opened my eyes to a lot! Being single again has it's advantages. As long as I'm in a "improve Joy" mode I'm gonna stick with it. I made a goal tracking sheet for myself today to help me make sure I'm blogging (yay!), writing (tell ya about it more in a bit) and working on eating right and walking. The end goal is to meet all the goals for six weeks and then I am going to allow myself to get this awesome bad ass tattoo! 

I've always wanted this tattoo since the first time I saw it on Starbucks arm in Battlestar Galatica. Needless to say my goals are going to make me work hard so I can get it! 

In other awesome news I've started writing again! I wrote 3,000 words or so this weekend and then had an idea to make the story a middle grade fantasy novel instead of an adult paranormal short story. I'm so excited about this transition and creating my characters! My protagonist is going to be so awesome. My six week tattoo goal thing is to write 3,000 words a week. With all the research I'm going to have to do and school starting I figured this should be an easy number to reach. 

So people, expect to hear more from me in the coming weeks with cool news and insights. Part of my goal is to comment on others blogs and I look forward to joining my blogging community again!