Saturday, July 20, 2013

Book Blogger Challenge Day 12!!

How do you fight blogger fatigue?

That is today's blogger challenge question!

What a question for me huh? This is something I obviously struggle with!! I have trouble with going through long periods with no blog posts. I want my little blog to do well, but life sometimes happens.

Since starting this challenge, which I will name as one way to help fight blogger fatigue, I've been able to come up with ways to help me not go months without posting. Since I've been posting almost everyday now, I've had several ideas for new posts. Instead of just merely writing down those ideas, which could work, go ahead and write the post! Just save it. You don't need to publish it right away. Save it for when you don't have an idea!

If you don't have any ideas, you could even post about that. Research it yourself, and blog on it. Write about the book your reading, or one you read a long time ago if you don't have time to read. If something funny happened to you or you had a good idea-write about it! Each blog has their own niche, so staying on topic would be helpful. My blog talks a lot about books and writing, but I have it set up to where I can talk about random things in my life. I feel this gives me an out to do so. Since I'm not currently writing this helps.

Read others blogs! Could be inspiring. Play around on Pinterest or google+. Read interesting websites often to stay up to date on the things in your niche.

What are some ways you keep blogger fatigue? If your an experienced blogger, what would be your advice to newbies?