Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Book Blogger Challenge Days 8 & 9

Augh! Did it again didn't I? Missed a day again. In my defence, I'm starting a new job this week so things have been a little different. I'm very sleepy right now and it's not even late!!

So, day 8 of the Book Blogger Challenge asks, " name 15 things that appeal to you on blogs." So here goes!

1. Giveaways!!!
2. Publishing insights/tips
3. book reviews
4. pretty pictures
5. interviews
6. lots of links
7. new technology articles
8. travel
9. other unpublished authors viewpoints/struggles
10. how to get more followers!
11. literary agents advice
12. writing advice
13. ways to connect with people through social media
14. nothings about peoples lives
15. free stuff


Day 9 asks, "why write about books on a blog?"

Humm, good question. For me, I don't do book reviews to often, unless you go to my goodreads page, but I like talking about an awesome book I've just read, or am reading. It's just like telling a friend about it. You want them to experience the same awesomeness you have so you both can enjoy and talk about that said awesomeness.