Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Book Blogger Day 15!

I was just looking at the list and realized I skipped day five's question!!! So here is it:

Recommend a tear jerker.

I don't read many romance or cheesy novels. I pretty much stick to my sci-fi and fantasy, with the occasional normal fiction book. Or a classic, which is what I'm going with today.

With the movie coming out last lear, Les Miserables by Victor Hugo showed many people what the power of a story could do. I know I cried at the end of the movie!!

If you take the time to read this wonderful masterpiece though, you will not only cry at the end, but several times throughout. It's not an easy read; my copy of the book is 642 pages. It's worth the time and energy! As a avid reader and writer, I think it's always wise to learn from classics. This book really has it all. It draws you in into the heartache of these characters and the injustice that they are living.

So even though the movie is wonderful, and worth seeing, don't forget about the book! It's free to download, so what are you waiting for!!


This post is edited because I made a mistake! I have done the tear jerker one! So, here is what day 15 should be on!!! Goodness! All these days off have messed with my mind!

Who are my blogging mentors?

I never had anyone coach me on how to run, set up or do my blog. I mainly learned from simply reading other blogs. The most influential on me is Nathan Bransford's blog, and if for some unknown reason you are not following his blog, and are a writer, reader, etc, do so now!! This guy has so much awesome insight and info for writers and authors. When I began following his blog several years ago he was a literary agent, who has since turned author.

Also, the people who follow his blog and post are worthy of looking into as well, since most are fellow book people like myself.

 So there you have it! The end of the Book Blogger Challenge!!!
What a great experience! This has helped my blog so much!! Brought in a lot of readers, lots of views, and kept me on my toes!!! No worries, I plan to keep posting!