Monday, July 29, 2013

Fandomfest Q&A--Gillian Anderson!

So I went to three different Q&As this past Saturday- all amazing and for different reasons. The first one I'm going to post about is Gillian Anderson's.  She talked about her work on x-files, but admitted that her character on the show The Fall, is her favorite character to act.
She gave out jello-shots to those that asked questions, which seemed pretty cool! She was really funny and fun to listen too. She auctioned off her t-shirt for her charity Say-yes. It went for almost $600!!! 

( sorry not a any links in this post. Posting from my phone due to my tiredness from work!! First day of on the job training ( I'm a city mail carrier) and I walked for at least six hours! No energy to walk to my computer. :/ )