Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kicking off Fandomfest!!

Last night I had the honor of going with my fiance to see Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes promoting their new movie, Jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie. ( If you're not into vulgar humor don't bother watching the link)

After the movie the two did a Q&A with the audience.  One girl asked Kevin Smith, who is well known for his love of comic books, which one he found to have the most impact on his life.

He said it was a Batman comic, sorry but I forgot the specific one, where Batman is driving around really fast, and says, "This would be a great way to die....but not today." Turning the car from a cliff or something. He said he felt he could relate to it when he was asked to direct a movie for a studio, one he didn't write himself. He loved the money, the ability to do what you wanted with the film, but decided that wasn't where his heart was, he wanted to make his own creations.

This is just a taste of the insights a person can get from going to an event like Fandomfest. I know I'm super excited this weekend not only to go to more Q&As, but to be present in such a creative environment. I think any geek like me would go nuts with the opportunity to go to something like the San Diego Comic Con, but alas, tickets are hard to get! Maybe next year! I'm content for now though to enjoy my first convention here in Kentucky. Perhaps starting off small is best.

Expect more posts this weekend about my adventures at Fandomfest! I won't be able to go to as much as I'd like do to work, but my fiance will be there taking pictures and making me jealous.