Thursday, August 22, 2013

Blog Critique anyone?

I'm getting ready to start a new class this semester, one I'm totally excited about! It's called Writing for the Web. Blogging is part of the homework.

I've been reading the first weeks assignments in our book Writing for the Web and it mentioned joining a blogging critique group. I've heard of writing critique groups before but never thought about one for blogs!

So, like any good google blogger, I searched the communities to find this mecca for bloggers to improve their blogs...but it didn't exist.

Until now.

I started my own! Pretty simple really. Came up with a name, added a picture, and whala! I'm now the moderator of Critique My Blog google+ community group!

I want this community to be different than the other blogging communities on google+. (Granted, if you're blogging and not part of them it would be a good idea for you to join!)

My vision for this new community is to be a place where new and seasoned bloggers can post links to their blogs and get feedback from other bloggers.