Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Blog Tours

Doing blog tours is something new for me. I've signed up for two tours and am really excited about it! First it feels awesome that my blog was picked to participate! What a great way to grow your blog and help out a fellow writer!!! Both tours are going to have giveaways so yay!!

The first tour I'm doing is the Endless Blog Tour. My stop will be Oct. 9th with a review of the book.

The second tour is the Dead Jed tour!! My stop will be Dec. 12 with a review as well! 

So excited for these tours and the possibility of more!! I've been downloading a lot of cool novels either for free or cheap from amazon lately and can't wait to read them and post reviews on them. I love the idea of reading independent authors works since I very well could be joining that group myself in the future.

(don't forget to vote for the new title of the blog!!!)