Friday, August 23, 2013

Day Three of Make an Old Friend New Blog Challenge

Talk to a relative you don't see regularly. 

I have family all over the United States. I don't get to see most of them regularly. I have one aunt who lives in the western part of the state that I only get to see about every five years (on average). 

I remembered my dad telling me she was on facebook (fb), and I'm fb friends with her son, my cousin. By looking through my cousins friends I was able to find her!! I sent the request and hopefully she will answer it soon. I sent a little message letting her know I respect and love her, and would love to start communicating more. 

On a lighter note, I had another aunt text me and say she found some interesting things via! She found where my great great grandfather (might need another great, not sure) came to America from Ireland! He was born in 1833!! She also found his draft card for WWI. She also found my great great great grandmother!!

My Great, great, great grandmother Eliza Howe
taken from:

Connecting with relatives...learning about my family history...I'm really glad I decided to challenge myself to reconnect with people!