Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fandomfest Q&A with John Barrowman!!

The last Q&A we went to was of course the best one!!! Maybe for me it was because I'm a Huge Doctor Who and Torchwood fan, so seeing someone who portrays a character I adore made for an awesome experience!!!
If you've ever seen these shows, you know Captain Jack Harkness, John Barowman's character on both shows, is up beat and sometimes funny. In person----Woah!!! He had SO much energy!!!! He was very open about his sexuality, taking about his recent wedding to his partner. He talked about his love for Dr. Who and how if they call him he'd go in a heart beat! He kept the questions moving and was very entertaining. I laughed so much and had many " hell yeah!!" Moments. If he is going to a convention near you-Go!!!