Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Growing up I changed my idea of what I wanted to be pretty often. An interior designer, a teacher, even a radio DJ, but a writer was never among them. 

It wasn't until I was depressed, isolated in my marriage at the time,  that I decided on a whim to write down a story idea I had on my way to work. I wrote half a chapter that night at work and the story just took off. I had found this outlet and passion within me that I never knew was there. From that moment on, I've considered myself a writer and have worked to improve my skill. 

Now, when I read the novel I wrote, all I want to do is rewrite some pages and edit others! At the time though, I thought my work was amazing and couldn't believe I had it in me. Now I'm an English major, getting a degree in Technical and Professional writing. I'd love to get a job utilizing my writing skills once I graduate, hell, I'd love to have a job now just to get my feet wet, but even if I don't, I'm no worse off. I've been able to learn and write better than before. I've learned editing skills, how to structure my writing, design items for  the web, write academic essays, and harness my creative writing. 

My goals are to clean up that first novel that started it all, get it published, either the traditional route or as an indie author, and keep producing wonderful stories. Literature and writing are so dear to me, have been apart of my life for so long, giving me hope, escape and determination to want to make it on my own as an author.