Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Blog Title!!!

First off, thanks everyone who voted on the new name for my blog!!

As you can see from my new header, Aspiring Joy won!!!

Aspiring Joy tied with Blogging for Joy...but I made an executive decision and went with Aspiring Joy.
I love how positive it is and how it brings up the question, "aspiring to what?" (At least for me because I view the word joy as my name and not what it means.)

I have many aspirations, as do most people I would assume. My main goal for myself is to become a published author. Still not sure what route that will be, but I know I am going to make it happen!!!

I often find myself with ideas for a new book, or ways to make my old one better. I get excited, make a post about how my writing mojo is back, and then proceed to play video games and read books and not work on the thing I said I wanted to write.'s happened again. Or, almost. I have been having some amazing ideas to revamp my novel. I put my novel on my Kindle so I could read it on the go. As I'm reading it, I take notes about the changes I want to make. So good! I'm almost halfway done! I really feel excited about these new ideas I have going for the story..I don't want silly o'l Joy to get in the way and stop this wonderful progress!

So..if you see me lurking (that sounds creepy..but you know what I mean) around online, such as facebook or google+, ask me how I am doing with this writing project. Get a straight answer from me and help me stay on track!! I don't want to get excited about writing and then end up doing nothing.  So any help is appreciated!!

Do you have a goal that you need encouragement for? Tell me! I don't mind doing the same for you!!!

Also, my birthday was amazing and I'm so glad I got to spend it with the family I don't get to see very often!