Friday, September 6, 2013

Potty Mouth

Do you have a potty mouth?

As I come up with more ideas for revamping my novel, I've come to a crossroads about if I should add cursing to my characters vocabulary.

I haven't always had a potty mouth myself. My parents rarely cussed when I was growing up. I can still remember feeling devious with a friend in third grade because we finally knew all the cuss words. We would say them quietly in the lunch line and laugh at how bad we were!

Does this belong in your mouth?
For me cursing didn't become apart of my vocabulary until I had the most stressful job possible...except maybe the job of being president. I managed to stay for a year there, left due to a concussion. I worked with teen girls who were wards of the state and had been abused in every way possible. Very sad stuff. As you can imagine, they had issues. Besides breaking up fights and getting hurt myself, I had to keep these girls on task and calm, if possible.

Sometimes I would become so stressed I would just have to go in a closet and say the f-word over and over to help release my tension. All the stuff cussed as well as the clients. Cussing became a way of expressing the wide range of emotions that job caused us to have.

The cussing stuck with me even when I left the job. I can turn it "off" when I need to, but I like being able to express myself fully.

When I read other novels I find a wide array of characters who cuss and books with none at all. So I guess that leaves me with, what kind of book do I want my story to be? One that's gritty and "real," or one that keeps everything PG?

Do you have a potty mouth? Do you think it helps express yourself? How does reading a book with characters who curse make you feel?