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Review: Render Novel Publicity Whirlwind Blog Tour

Yay for my first experience with a blog tour. I'm signed up for several more so if they are all like this I will be really happy!

So, first lets start with what this book is about! Here's a excerpt from the book.

I spin around and pull her to me, sighing as her arms lock around my neck. I lower my face to her hair, turning it into the curve of her neck to breathe her in.
Her body molds to mine, lithe and boneless, and my arms swallow her as I tighten my hold. It softens all the hard points, the tension I’d been holding onto, smoothing the muscles in my shoulders and back.
“You have great problem-solving skills, by the way,” I tell her softly in her ear.
Keeping her arms around me, she leans back against the wall to look at me, a baffled expression on her face, whether in relation to the compliment or the unexpected direction in conversation, I don’t know.
“Do I?” Her voice lifts in a flirtatious pitch.
“Mmm. It’s why I asked you out,” I tease. “You solved most of my problems just by agreeing.” Looking back, I realize just how true this is, though I doubt she’ll take me seriously.
Her lips curl in an obliging smile, and her eyes say it all, disbelieving in their beauty, corroborating what I already knew. But she’s still smiling, and I alone am responsible for that.
She curls her hand around the side of my neck, and I feel her thumb glide over the scar behind my earlobe, one I incurred at fourteen, when Lukas slammed my head into the bathroom mirror. Then I broke his collarbone. Both of us ended up in the emergency room that morning, an incident that resulted in our father leaving for work a half hour later. It’s always quieter when our father is home.
“How are you doing?” she asks, looking up to search my eyes.
I slide my hands from the small of her back to her waist, as my gaze sweeps from shoulder to shoulder. I can already feel the ground of normalcy beneath me, her presence holding the pieces of my life together, when it seems everything can come apart at any moment. “Good now that you’re here.”
This seems to make her both happy and sad. A look of gloom passes over her face even as a small smile touches her lips. Then her eyes trail down the front of my body, taking in my suit jacket and pants. “You look like a lawyer,” she comments. “Straight from the courtroom.”
I can’t remember a time when she’s ever seen me in a suit. The closest is the tux I wore to her senior prom two months ago, which is not much different than what I wear now.
“It suits you.”
I raise my eyebrows in doubt. “What? Looking like a lawyer?”
“Not just a lawyer. You look…professional.” Then, with a full smile, she adds, “I like it.”
“Ah,” I say, mirroring her smile as I grasp her meaning. “I like that you’re my biggest fan.”
Her teeth shine bright against her tan skin. She drops her arms to her sides, and I lace my fingers through hers. She smells of honeysuckle, vanilla, and lavender all at once, with soft underlying notes I can’t name, a scent that swirls inside me, tantalizing every cell in my body.
I lean forward, canting my head slightly to fit my lips to hers. I have to fight to keep the rhythm slow, to savor every second. But when her mouth opens, urgency builds within me, and I press farther. Too soon, though, she’s pulling away, leaving my blood pumping in a hot stream and my heart pounding against my chest. I place a hand on the wall behind her and lean forward, closing the narrow space she’s put between us.
“I wasn’t finished,” I say.
I’m already tilting my head to kiss her again when she stops me with one word. “Wait.”
“Wait?” I mutter against her lips.
I feel her palms on my chest, easing me back. It’s hard to concentrate on anything but touching her, but I slowly resign myself to the conversation that is apparently inevitable, when my only instinct is to kiss her. I straighten and meet her eyes, which does nothing to tame my thoughts.
“I got your note,” she says.
When I started mowing Mrs. Whitney’s lawn, Elizabeth gave me a key, so I could let myself in when they weren’t home. In the beginning, I would leave Raya notes on her dresser, not knowing at the time that she’d actually keep them. When she showed me every note I’d ever written her, my first instinct was to laugh, because it seemed senseless. But then I saw how impressed she was and felt empowered that I could make her so happy. She probably has a shoebox full of notes by now.
I back her against the wall until we’re touching from hips to shoulders. Her eyes, as warm and green as summer leaves, meet mine. She’s looking at me as if I did something amazing, but just in case, I ask, “Is that all?  Or is there something else you want to add, because I’d really like to kiss you right now?”
Her eyes dip momentarily to my mouth. “I was going to thank you for the note, but you distracted me.”
“You don’t need words for that.”

My Review:

*Was given a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review*
So with the above except you can get a feel for the story. You can also go here to get all sorts of information about the book! 
I wasn't really sure what this book was about when I began reading it. In the beginning this book was a little hard for me to get into, I'm not exactly sure why, but I think maybe just the style it was written in took me some time to get used too. 
This book reminded me of like a jr James Bond story. Granted, there were no spies, or martini's, but exotic places, a love interest-those were present. The main character, Koldan is thrown into a world he didn't know he was apart of. Conspiracy, deception and his life as well as those he loves all hang on him accepting what was decided for him at his birth. 
I liked how each character knew different bits of information as they tried to piece together why these Russian soldiers were after them. When they finally meet up (after several mishaps)  you want to yell, "Finally!" 
This book has a love story, which ends up having a few wrenches thrown in for good measure, but the lovebirds are able to fight the odds. I wasn't able to feel for them as I would have wanted too. This for me was because Raya, the female lead, although claims to love Koldan she spends a lot of time with his brother and it makes me feel like maybe there is a triangle going on. 
On thing's for certain, you won't be able to predict what is going to happen in this book. I love this because as comforting as predictable stories are, it's nice to not be able to figure it out. Keeps you on your toes! 
Currently this book is only 99 cents on amazon! So I feel it's worth giving it a look! 
Since this is part of a blog tour, it means there are a lot of contest and giveaways! Did you know you could win a gift card just for commenting on this post!?! Freaking cool right? So if you like free money I'd leave a comment, couldn't hurt.