Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I got Married!!!!

30th floor view!
So I have been away from the blog for the past few days, but we had the lovely author Susan Sloate step in and help! If you haven't read the posts she wrote you should simply scroll down and check it out!!

So, as promised, I have some pictures from my trip! I went to Las Vegas to get married!!

We stayed at the Palms, which is just a little off the strip. They upgraded our room and we ended up on the 30th floor!! We had the most spectacular view of the strip! At night it was just gorgeous! The hotel was very modern and fancy. We didn't drink anything there because the drinks were just too expensive!

We did have a drink every day we were there though, one day at 11am! lol We drank cocktails mostly and my goodness were they yummy!!
Our modern room

Just a small fraction of the strip

We did a lot of walking and ate some very yummy food! I was so happy when we got to go to the Gordon Ramsay Pub at the Caesar's Palace. His food was by far the best! My parents took us there after we got married.

Getting married in Vegas was really easy. We just had to find the licence place, which didn't take us too long, and show up to our wedding! The chapel I ended up picking was small and a little off the road, but it was so lovely! Everyone was so nice and helpful and it was short and sweet.

Mr. and Mrs. Hancock