Thursday, October 24, 2013

My First Desk Job!

Life is a rollercoaster. We all know this. My life is no exception! I leave my I-know-how-everything-works job in the mental health field for the ever high paying job as a postal worker...and then blow it. Even though that career path didn't work out, I was able to transfer to a different part of my school and go online....full time.
Now I have found a new job! With us having to postpone our cross country move another semester I felt I might as well get a job. So now not only will I be going to school full time but working full time as well. Lot's of people do this so I'm hoping I can join their club and be awesome in both areas. Here's to hoping!

These are going to be my new best friend
This new job though, is quite different than any job I've had before. I'm going to have my own...desk! Well, technically it's a two person desk and I'll probably have to share with someone but the point is I will be at a desk.
How have I been working for so long and not have a desk job before?! I'm almost thirty for crying in the mud!!

As much as I loved working with special needs and everything, I'm glad to be doing something new. I still plan to continue working with organizations, such as Kind Tree, but in a volunteer capacity.

With National Novel Writing Month coming up next month I'm going to have to dig deep! I'm glad I have all of you to help me and encourage me!!