Thursday, October 31, 2013

Short Story Blog Hop Halloween-Misty Hill

Misty Hill

Martha was doing her best to keeping her excitement in check. Setting things in order in the new house her finace, Jacob had built by hand, she scurried around putting away the items the women of the community had given her to make her house a home.
“Won’t this look fine?” She said to herself, humming a tune in between her spoken thoughts.  She began hanging a curtain on the kitchen window, wondering how life would be like in just a few short days. Would she enjoy keeping house as much as she thought she would? Was she really ready to take this all on? Shaking her head and the confusing thoughts along with it, she began to focus on the task at hand.
“Hello!? Martha you in here?” Said a male voice from the other room.
“In here!” She was able to squeak out as she stretched with all her might to hang the curtain.
“Here, let me help you with that.” He rushed over and quickly took over, leaving Martha to stand and watch.
“Thank you Paul. You’re too kind. I’m glad I will be able to call you my brother soon.” He turned to her and smiled, though he seemed a little uneasy.
“Has Jacob showed you around the whole place?” He asked, his voice slightly shaking.
“I believe so.” She turned to the counter and began taking the cups from the basket to be placed on the shelf.
“What about the pantry? I helped him with it myself.” He took a step closer, closing in the gap between them. Martha, a polite girl, kept her head down and slowly took a step back to keep things proper between them. She had always known in the back of her mind that Paul cared for her just as much as Jacob. There were things about Paul though that she found lacking. He always seemed nervous and uneasy, and failed to stand up to the bigger boys when they were in school. Although he lacked the charm his brother had, Martha always felt sorry for him and tried her best to be nice to him.
“He showed me where it was at. I haven’t started putting things away down there yet though.” She hoped this would satisfy him.
“Here, let’s go now.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her behind him, Martha was too shocked to say anything. He walked fairly fast, and she was just able to keep up and not blunder down the cellar stairs.
“There’s no candle down here, I can’t see anything.” She was finally able to say after she had caught her breath.
“We don’t need a candle Martha.”


“So this is the place huh? Looks pretty scary.” Ryan said as he rubbed his hands together for warmth. Looking out on this old cabin in the middle of nowhere was getting him excited. While most would just see a creepy old cabin, and maybe muse about what settlers lived there and how they lived, Ryan saw a prime location for a haunting.
“It’s just an old cabin. Plenty around these parts. The locals say this one’s special though. A young women died in there at the hands of her brother-in-law. According to the county record he was never found.  Previous owners say they could hear a women weeping, and crying for help. Scrapes on the cellar door.”  John, Ryan’s partner always loved the particulars. He had an eye for detail that Ryan knew he could never have himself. Honestly, Ryan didn’t care what happened to the spirit that lived in this run down cabin, all he cared about was if they could catch it on tape.
“Let’s get this equipment set up.” He told John as he began walking closer to the site.
When night had finally arrived the two men, all bundled up because of the cold, turned on their EMP equipment and began walking around the cabin. John had the video camera with the heat sensors on so they could catch this ghost on tape.
After finding no readings on the main floor, the two slowly walked down the cellar steps. “Gosh its cold down here!” Ryan muttered.
“Hello? Is anyone here? We are not here to harm you. If you could just show us a sign. We know what happened to you.” The calm voice of John rang out.
The cellar door snapped shut.
“Holy-“ Ryan was caught short though by a quiet hush sound.
“Was that you?” He said, looking in what he thought was John’s direction.
“Me what?” John said.
“Let’s get out of here. I’m starting to freak out.” John said, as he made his way up the steps. As he turned around he could see Ryan’s heat signature on his camera..and another one right beside it.


It’s always the same. They come to look. To see the spirit on Misty Hill. I’ve been here for years, trapped and waiting. Why did no help come? Why did my beloved Jacob not save me? Martha looked at the two living beings, with their fancy machines she had seen countless times. It felt like a torment. A reminder that she was not of that world anymore and never would be again. No, her life was cut short, and as she lay dying her only thought was that she was never going to get to share he life with her loving Jacob. That he would marry someone else. If only she could stay and be with him. Well, her wish was granted, and here she was, a mere ghost, a whisper of what she was, only able to frighten and never get the answers she wanted. 

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