Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Goal is Set!

So I did a post last week about how I'm finding less time to write now that I'm working and going to school. I've been thinking about what kind of goal I want to set for myself to finish my novel. I don't want it to just sit there like it has in the past. I want to complete this project.

I graduate in May 2015, and that is now also my deadline for finishing the novel. Not just the first draft, but I want to be ready to either publish it myself or have it ready to begin querying agents.  Since I don't go to summer school I really think this is doable!

Since I've became an English major I've noticed a huge improvement in my writing abilities. It's the main reason I became an English major,so I could become a better writer. Everyone in my family has a degree but me, so I'm excited to finally have a light at the end to keep me pushing hard!

As always I will post updates on my progress. I will be writing several short stories for one of my classes and I'm going to post those stories on here too. I'm really excited about it!