Friday, December 27, 2013

Book Review of Phantasy by Marlowe

Fired from his job, dumped by his girlfriend and shoved around by the world, a young, lazy, day-dreamer takes refuge in his world of dreams and fantasies, and finally decides to become a writer. And what does he want to write about? He wants to write about monsters! He wants to write about fights, action, adventure, etc.! He's writing a book about:

'Two simple minded, happy-go-lucky buddies suddenly find themselves in trouble when they are attacked by a 3000-year old fireball-belching monster whom nothing seems to be able to defeat. When all the tricks of the local police fail to control the creature, and ordinary bullets and bombs prove useless, the question remains - will the world ever be able to get rid of this menace once and for all?'

He has started created a world of his own, a world in which only HE can rule with full authority. But will he be able to finish what he's started? More importantly, will he be able to taste success in his new venture?

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review*

This book is different from most you might read simply because of the format it is written in. It feels more like a screenplay, or a journal of sorts. The book is loaded with dialog, something I adore and love to read, so after adjusting to how the book was written, I enjoyed not having to wait till more dialog came about. 

While the main character is relatable, I personally don't care for him. He was to lazy and self centered, feeling his life was horrible when in reality it wasn't. When he decides to try his hand at writing, it's where the real story begins.

I love all of the creativity that went into this book! The story slowed down in a few places but not so much that it made you want to stop reading. I loved all the images the book had and how easy they were to paint in my mind. 

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