Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Book Review of Special Run by Lena Jo McCoy

Special Run by Lena Jo McCoy

If an animal spoke to you, would you listen?

Botanist/psychokinetic Katrina Ormstead creates a super hash, a variety of marijuana she calls MAGIC. Before she can share her successful medical findings with the scientific community, she's murdered. There is, however, one witness begging to come forward. Special is Katrina's wolf-hybrid dog. She saw her mistress die. She wants revenge. Now she has to convince food photographer, animal psychic, and Katrina's best friend Wheat Keigwin of the same thing. Together, dog and woman dedicate themselves to solving the mystery behind Katrina's death.

*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review*
This book was awesome. Plain awesomesause over here people. I love the idea of taking paranormal and mixing it with mystery..murder mystery to be exact.
The mystery part was great! Lena did a great job weaving the plot, giving you just enough details to get you excited but still unable to solve the murder. The pacing in this book was top notch. I never got bored or tired of the story. In fact, I read half the book in one setting!
One thing special to this novel that I don't see in many paranormal books is that the majority of paranormal gifts in this book centered around animals. This give the book a unique aspect that sets it apart from other paranormal mystery books.
You really felt like this was a reality. What I mean is, the book is set in present day, where everything is normal, yet there is this town where everyone is paranormal. The paranormal stuff didn't seem out of place. It actually came off as believable really.
animals + paranormal + mystery  + love interest = great read!!
If you love any of the things about go out and get this book!
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About the author:

An agriculture journalist, Lena Jo McCoy has long admired the works of animal behaviorists Temple Grandin and Cesar Millan, as well as the cattlemen and women she's written about. She enjoys a cutting horse or stock dog competition, finding the connection between man and beast incredible as they work together as one entity. It wasn't until McCoy had a dream about her childhood dog, Special, that she sat down to write a novel.