Monday, December 30, 2013

Looking to the Future

I've done a lot to change this blog this past year. From the way it looks to adding new types of posts. It's been such a wonderful experience, I wish I would have started on it earlier!

I know for the past two months I haven't been able to give my little blog the attention I once gave it, due to my work schedule. I'm glad to say that my hours have changed and I will now have the time to go back to posting regularly and being a more active blogger again!!

When I think about what my plans are for this blog in the upcoming year, I have decided I want it to focus more on writing. As an aspiring author myself, I struggle with finding time to write, and even motivation to write sometimes. I want to share my experiences and grow so my novel can be finished before 2015! Anything is possible right? :)

I like writing short stories and I want to write more and post them on the blog as well. I am not ready to share my novel with the world, but short stories I can do! I think it's a great way to explore more writing as well.

Book reviews are still going to be in the picture. I have them booked every week on this blog for at least another two months! When all the ones that are booked have been reviewed, I will review books that I have bought on my own.

Writing and literature to me go hand in hand. You can just be a reader, but when you branch out and put ideas of your own down it changes how you read. I feel like I read books now with more of a depth than I did before I started writing.

These are all topics I'm excited to explore in the upcoming year!!