Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I use Grammarly for english proofreading because being proper is the only way to do it (this needs to be read in an English accent, think the Queen here people) .

I'm taking a grammar class this semester. Should be easy right? I remember diagraming sentences growing up, heck, I was even pretty good at it. Where is that knowledge now? Out the other ear. 

I just took a quick introduction test for my grammar class. I could find a few changes that needed to be made but as of why they needed to I had no idea! I don't know if the changes I made were even the right ones! Granted, this class will help me, as a author-in-training I could use a class like this, but Grammarly is a great resource as well! Especially if things go out the other ear again. 

When I publish my book, or give it to an agent to look at, I want it to be the best possible, that would be true for any writer. I know I lack good editing skills so having good resource to help me polish up my writing is essential!! 

How are you at editing? Are you a grammar naiz? Can you hardly spell like me let alone get tenses right? Just because I'm a poor speller and bad at grammar isn't going to stop me from being a writer. It should never stop anyone.