Thursday, January 9, 2014

No Break for This Gal!

If you remember I post I did a few days ago about how I might have to drop out this semester, well, I have an update for you!

I dropped two of the four classes I was taking, to see what the cost would be after my grant. Turns out...I got a refund for $300! While not a lot of money, to a poor working college gal like myself it's a nice turn around. Most of it is going to the savings account to help pay for fall's tuition and books but I do want to treat my husband and maybe get some new jeans (much needed!).

I'm proud of myself. Normally I would be freaking out and having panic attacks that I might not be able to go to school this semester. I didn't though. I knew things would work out one way or another. I'm glad I will still be able to take two classes this semester. Since I'm working full time again it will make for a good balance.