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Book Tour: Elegantly Wasted by C. Elizabeth Vescio Review and Interview and Giveaway!!!

ELEGANTLY WASTED by C. Elizabeth Vescio

On the eve of her high school graduation, proper socialite Francesca “Frankie” Fairholm rebelled against her elitist and controlling family to pursue the dark lifestyle of a contract killer for the enigmatic Osiris Corporation. Years later, with her training complete, she believes she's doomed to the life of a sociopathic lone gun until a botched hit brings two unlikely allies, her cousins Addison and Katharine.

Using Katharine’s etiquette school, Elegance, Inc., as a front, the trio weave through Frankie’s dark underworld, carrying out contracts, drinking too much wine, and trying not to get each other killed.

Trouble follows the team home when the death of the cruel Fairholm matriarch reveals more than they ever wanted to know about their family. As the funeral preparations play out, the trio begin to realize there is much more to their employer than meets the eye and their family connections run deeper than they ever imagined.

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Interview with Elizabeth Vescio

1.      What made you want to be a writer?
Carrie Fisher, Calvin and Hobbes and my mother. The reason I credit Carrie Fisher is a long story, but it can be summed up with me reading Postcards from the Edge when I was fifteen. Calvin and Hobbes- Bill Watterson is a personal inspiration to me and of course, my mother raised me to love books and writing.

2.      What inspired Elegantly Wasted?
I had been thinking of writing something based on my family for a few years… after a few ideas, nothing was working. So I thought I might add guns. Then, one night I’m having a discussion with my cousin on her second bottle of wine and it hit me… Women, Wine and Weapons. It became far from the truth and one hell of a ride.

3.      Which character was the hardest to write?
I always thought the guy characters would be more of a challenge, but it ended up being one of the other hit women- Gretchen. I had this grandiose idea for her and it kept falling flat. Her voice came out similar to my MC no matter what kind of back stories I dug up. I had to really focus on her. I ended up writing a story in her perspective that helped shape her.

4.      Is there one writing tip that you live by? One that helped you complete your novel and pushed you forward?
I go by the wisdom bestowed by Captain Jason Nesmith: Never give up, never surrender. It’s the truth. There are so many times where you’ll just sit and think “why am I doing this?” Because you love it. Having moments of weakness is far better than giving up.

5.      What book have you most recently read that blew you away?

A sad fact about me is that lately I’ve had almost zero time to read. I’m looking forward to my schedule clearing up so I can tackle this insanely long book list that my social media assistant keeps updating every week! The last book I read that I just loved was “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” by Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess). It’s going to be my go-to read when I need a laugh.

*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review*

I wasn't sure how I would react to this book at girl turn contract killer. I wasn't sure how relatable the characters would be. Once I started reading this book though, all my concerns flew right out the window. This book kept me wanting more and drew me in quicker than I would have expected. 

I liked all the flashbacks, which happen more in the first half of the book. This book reads like a friend is telling you their crazy life story. Some parts are funny, with the characters playing off each other well. I liked this approach to a novel and it helped me relate to these characters I might not have otherwise. 

You can't go wrong with this book. It's intense, yet witty, which a bit of crazy thrown in as well. Each character is unique and brings their own spice to the novel. When characters are that well developed, it makes the story all the more worth reading. 


Author C. Elizabeth Vescio likes to play in the dark world of cynicism and death. Her first novel, Elegantly Wasted touched on the demented and humorous side of a delightfully dysfunctional family.

She enjoys cynical debates, cupcakes, making her mother-in-law sew her aprons that she never wears, zombies, the Fifth Element and Tomb Raider. She gathers her life inspirations from Neil Gaiman, Julia Child and Paul Simon. When she isn't out photographing her next project, she's studying color, concept and design or writing stuff down in hopes it makes sense one day... or she's on Pinterest. 

She lives in Las Vegas with her husband and three dogs.

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