Monday, March 31, 2014

Book Review of A Life of Death: The Golden Bulls by Weston Kincade

Fifteen years of ritual sacrifices that began before Alex Drummond joined the force have become an anomaly in Tranquil Heights. For most residents, anger at the unsolved murders has turned to disappointment with the small police force. Now citizens hope this year’s sacrificial lamb won’t be one of their loved ones.

Alex Drummond’s ability to relive victims’ traumatic murders has not been enough. There are misguided links to Egyptian funerary rights, but without evidence and the murderer’s identity, no one outside of Drummond’s tight circle will believe him, let alone make an arrest and stop the vicious killings. After an anonymous tip, Detective Drummond discovers an annual visitor, a local who moved away years before with a similar flare for murder. He follows her to Washington DC after watching the woman burn her husband alive. His high school friend, Jessie Arturo, who settled in the large city after a failed baseball career, assists with the investigation. In such a large place, unsolved murders abound like cobwebs under abandoned guest beds.

September 20, the serial killer’s anointed date, is only days away. How has the murderer proven so elusive, even from Alex’s paranormal abilities? Is he in over his head, or can Detective Alex Drummond save the ghosts calling to him and decipher this network of brutal, ritual sacrifices before someone else is burnt alive?

*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review*

I loved this book. It's the sequel to A Life of Death, which I've reviewed previously. I thoroughly enjoyed that novel and this was the same. Fast paced and captured my attention from the get-go! I like trying to solve a mystery and this book's mystery was unique and interesting.

While reading books in a series is always helpful to start with book one, I feel a reader could pick up this book on it's own and still enjoy it just as much as if they had read book one. The characters in both books are well developed and it was nice to see how Alex had grown up. Alex is a great character and fun to read about, so you really can't go wrong with this book!

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