Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Book Review: The Crescent by Jordan Deen

Becoming a werewolf is not an option for seventeen-year-old Lacey Quinn, but death can be a strong motivator.

Lacey is so focused on her future that everyday life has passed her by. Counting down the days to her eighteenth birthday, Lacey is almost home free. But when she falls for the mysterious Alex Morris, she lands in the middle of an ancient war between two enemy wolf packs. Tempting dreams, tantalizing lies and a dangerous love triangle ensues leaving Lacey heartbroken and confused.

Lacey's fate rests in the hands of Alex and Brandon, but both are pulling her strings for their own agendas. Even as she slips further into the dark world of werewolves, Lacey struggles to find the truth and save the only family she's ever known.

My Review:

*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review*

I hadn't read a book like this in ages so I found this book really refreshing. It became a quick fun read for me that I couldn't put down. I liked the character Lacey and felt she was easy to relate too. As for the love triangle in this book, I became a total fan of Brandon, cheering him and Lacey's relationship on. I just couldn't trust Alex. Every time it seemed like Lacey would fall for Alex more I would read as fast as I could to see if Brandon could do something to stop it. 

I thought this book had a great plot and can be enjoyed by  young adult readers and adults. I am left finishing this book wanting more-wanting to more more about the werewolves, what will happen to Lacey on her birthday and who she will end up with. I'm ready for her to decided! 

If you are a fan of paranormal books then this is a great one to give a try! Dump the vamps for a bit and read about some kick ass werewolves! 

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