Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Book Review of Futureless by K. J. Draeghan

In a world far, far away, there exists a giant mass of land that five unique races call their home – Ilreya.

Long ago, Ilreya was torn asunder by the gnashing jaws of a vicious war: The Blood War. The five nations of this land had never known true peace, their racism and distrust creating great rifts between them. With this war, the rifts grew wider still. When all the continent seemed about to perish at the hands of its inhabitants, a treaty was struck. This treaty, despite ending the bloodshed, did not mend the hate the races felt for each other and soon all contact ceased between them.

Now, many centuries later, war threatens to rear its hideous head yet again. The barbarous William Blaise, current ruler of the weredragon nation, has grown mad with his desire for power. With his awesome might he plans to bring the other races of Ilreya to their knees and claim the entire continent as his own.

There is only one way he can be stopped: A group of youths from the Ilreyan nation of Coruka must band together and bring an end to the monster's rule before war begins anew. Though they will face incredulous peril and devastating trials, success is their only option. If they fail, if they cannot find it within themselves to defeat such a formidable foe, the only world they've ever known will languish under the weight of the chains Blaise will bind it in.

Although Futureless can be classified as an Epic Fantasy Adventure, it also has intrigue, action, magic, therianthropy, and a bit of romance.
As it is an Epic Fantasy it is set in a different world; meaning all new places, currency, languages, etc. Although there are some familiar species, like the werewolf, there are also brand new creatures - including what is called a Kuljian. Kuljians are evil humanoid creatures that have traits resembling both vampires and zombies, but also unique qualities not seen in anything else.

My Review:

*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review*

This book delivers when it comes to epic fantasy adventure. The world Draeghan has created in this book is a vivid place filled with animals and people of   interesting races. I loved the attention to detail this book has, as well as the fact that it never became overwhelming or just plain too much. 

For me this book went a little slow in the beginning, but after a while I found myself looking for opportunities to read so I could see what happens next. I liked that I wasn't able to predict every single plot twist-always refreshing! 

The dialog in this book was great! I love to read dialog and this book had plenty! The characters had a lot of wit and developed more as the book went on. Learning about them and their background in bits and pieces just like you would a friend, helped me connect to the characters and want to keep reading.  The book ends where you know there will be a second book, which is great because the characters still have so much to do! 

The creativity that went into this book blew me away! It had things in it that I simply haven't seen in other books before. Characters with natural pink or blue hair, multiple types of werepeople..a wolf with three tails. All of these things only helped my mind paint a colorful picture of the world of Ilreya. It reminded me of the movie Avatar somewhat, in how colorful everything and all the characters were. 

Overall I enjoyed this book a lot. I feel any epic fantasy fan would enjoy this book and would soon be immersed in the world of Ilreya. 

*This book will come out on July 28th* 
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