Monday, June 9, 2014

I'm Back...with BIG News!

So I've decided to come back to blogging. Not that I ever planned to give it up, just took a month off to focus on other things. I read several books over that time and plan to do reviews of them in the coming weeks.

This past weekend my husband and I got a big shock!

As it's well known we are planning to leave our old Kentucky home for Oregon, it turns out we will have to move sooner than expected. The week of July 14-18 we will be on the road traveling to our new home. This puts us about a month out, which is far sooner than we expected. We are getting everything lined up and ready to go. We have an apartment all ready for when we get there and are in the process of selling our furniture here.

I'm so excited about all of this! I moved a lot as a kid and I feel it has helped me in my adult life to see these changes as positive vs focusing on what your leaving. I get to be a modern day Oregon Trail person! The trip out there itself with be amazing!