Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Author Interview with Dale Day!

Dale was wonderful enough to answer a few questions for me! Love picking authors brains!

1.  Have you always wanted to be a writer?
I've read books as long as I can remember. I've wanted to tell stories since I was in Kindergarten. Some of them got me into trouble.

2. What inspired the idea for The Sailor and The Carpenter?
There were a number of things but the most important was realizing how the history of Father Serra and the missions had been skewed toward Politically Correct.
3. What types of book are your favorite to read?
I read everything but romances.
4. Was there any author or person who inspired you to write?

The list is endless. Forester. Jean Aul. Isaac Asimov. Winston Churchill.
5. Advise for aspiring authors?

If you want to be a published author, you must realize it is work! Hard, often boring work. You must establish the same kind of rules for yourself as if it was another job. And research! Your readers will believe you if they see you've done your homework.

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