Monday, August 11, 2014

Book Review of The Rise of the Phoenix by Massimo Marino

In a dark future, a first contact and an alien colonization changes forever the destiny of the race of man. Aliens have regenerated a new, transgenic species of humans called the Selected.

The first contact with the aliens led to the apocalypse--Daimones Trilogy Vol.1--and then put the seeds for a galactic upheaval, space wars againts aliens, and galactic empires struggles. The last humans--the 'spared ones'--have all died but Hope, the second of Dan Amenta's human daughters, though she's living her last days, too.

Dan has seen Earth become a different world as the new civilization rises. A new neurological drug, Fusion, is heavily produced on Eridu and has created the path for a rapid evolution of the new humans, richness and good fortune.

The past events--Daimones Trilogy Vol.2--revealed the crucial role the humans have in the galaxy organization...and made them aware of their strength. Once Hope leaves this life, a moral obligation suddenly is no more. Things can change, and they must.

A new order and a new course will put in place the events the Moirai have sewn and destined to rip apart the foundations of the galaxy. "Even with the best of intentions, cruelty is just around the corner."

My Review

*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review*

What a great way to end this trilogy! This book kept me on the edge of my seat just like the first book did. When a series can do that, from start to finish you know it's worth reading. I love how the plot developed in this book and how Dan has grown as a character. 

This book is a science fictions lovers dream. I could totally see this series being a hit if it was a tv show or movie. There is a depth to this story that you don't always find in science fiction, and when you do it tends to only be in the classics. 

The new human race really comes into it's own in this book and that is what I enjoyed the most. I liked seeing how our race would evolve in a world such as Marino has created. If you care for science fiction at all this has to be on your to-read list! 

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