Friday, October 17, 2014

Author Interview with Trisha Haddad author of Deep Green

Lucky me! I got to pick yet another authors brain! I love asking authors questions and Trisha was so nice to answer some questions for me!!

1. Where did the idea for this story come from?

Trisha Haddad: I love survival stories and coming up with how I would survive in different (highly unlikely) situations. Pair that with a preference to write about smart girls and cute boys, and the outcome was the basic plot for Deep Green.

2. Do you plan to write more books about Leah?

Trisha Haddad: Yes! Breathe Deep is currently with my publisher, Eternal Press. No release date just yet, but coming soon. Without giving away too much about Deep Green, the sequel follows the castaways as they attempt to rebuild their lives in a world that assumed they were dead.

3. What made you decide to become an author? Was it something you grew up knowing you wanted to do?

Trisha Haddad: I wrote my first story when I was eight, under my covers when I was supposed to be asleep, and I've been writing every since. My grandmother was a writer, and she would critique my stories and give me writing tips at my level. I still have a letter of hers that talks about how my unicorn character can't just "luckily" escape a dragon. I need to tell readers how she escapes: Did she squeeze through the bars of the cage? Did she discover a magical power?

4. What are your favorite types of books to read?

Trisha Haddad: Literary fiction, Classics, and Historical Fiction! I'm drawn to writing that is sparse but strong, every word chosen with care; characters I can't get out of my head; and themes that add something to what I know about the world or humanity or living passionately.

5. What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

Trisha Haddad: Write every day. And turn off your internet and out your phone in the other room while you're writing. Way too distracting!

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