Friday, July 24, 2015

Making Roots

After talking to my family and friends, and weighing the pros and cons of it all, I've decided to stay in the Louisville area and finish my degree. This wasn't an easy decision, as the draw to move out west is still present, but the practical side of me and the voices of those around me helped me see that staying and finishing my degree will be in my best interest.

Once I made the decision to stay, I started applying for jobs. UPS was the go-to because of their great tuition reimbursement program. I stayed up late one night and filled out an application and was hired the next day! I'm talking to my school and getting things squared away with them so I can hopefully enroll this fall if it's not to late. Got my fasfa done too. I only have about 20 credit hours left until I have that diploma in my hand. I've been working on my degree off and on, full time and part time for 12 years. Being so close to the end now, it just doesn't seem practical to give up. Way to much money invested!

My parents have been great about everything. It's enough to make me cry at their willingness to help me during this time. From using their cars (since I don't have one) and staying with them till I find a place and helping me with school bills- I couldn't ask for better parents.

Life never turns out how you plan. If you would have told my 20 yr old self all the things I'd have to go through in the coming ten years I wouldn't have believed it.  Yet here I am, ready to do what it takes to see this through.  Even with all the bad that has happened, I still am keeping my head up and my eyes forward. Who knows, maybe my 30's will be when I finally take off as an author, but I will be going through them now with a degree in my hand!