Monday, September 14, 2015

It has started....let the query letter process commence!

After about five or six hours of hard work on Saturday, I have polished my novel to the best of my ability. I've worked on my query letter and now it is time to start querying and submitting my novel for consideration of publication.

See there a few routes an author can go with their book-traditional, which means getting a literary agent, have that agent submit it to publishers, have the publishers edit it and after about a year or two it is on the shelves at the bookstore. The other option is to become an independent author and publish your book on your own, most likely as an ebook. You can do this free with amazon or a few other services.

For now, I am going the traditional route. Why? Mainly because I have nothing to loose! Should I get denied all along the way the independent author option is always open. Design a cover and in a few clicks my novel is out there for the world to see.

Getting a book into publication is a long road but I'm so excited for my story. When I read others like it I feel like it is on par with them. This is also why I'm trying the traditional route. 

This is a scary, exciting time for me! The hardest part will be waiting. Most agents/publishers take about six weeks to get back to you. For me the wait is totally worth it, I mean...what if they said yes?!?