Friday, October 23, 2015

Book Review of Melophobia by James Morris

Melophobia: fear or hatred of music.

The time—now; the place—America, but in a world where the government controls all forms of art and creativity. Any music sowing the seeds of anarchy is banned—destroyed if found—its creators and listeners harshly punished.

Merrin Pierce works as an undercover Patrol officer assigned to apprehend a fugitive musician who threatens the safe fabric of society, only to confront everything she thought to be true – her values, upbringing, job, and future.

*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review*

At first I wasn't sure if this book would be to similar to Fahrenheit 451 but with music instead of books. As a lover of all things Ray Bradbury though I had to see for myself. 

I'm a pleased to say that while this is a distopian novel, and yes it is set in an America where music is outlawed, the novel itself stands on its own. Merrin is a great character to follow and the mystery and intrigue of her job and life propel the story forward at a quick pace. 

One thing I loved about this novel is how much creativity went into it. Not just the weaving of the story but the world building. See in Morris' America each genre of music has is own gang. I thought that was a interesting idea since today we seem to align ourselves with certain types of music. 

Also I want to mention that this book was edited well too. The novel had a nice flow to it and was easy to read. I would recommended this book to anyone who enjoys distopian novels but also want to state that there is some sex and violence so age wise I would say sixteen and up.