Still curious? Here's some more about me:

While writing fiction is a passion of mine, currently I am focusing on finishing my degree in Technical and Professional Writing. I'm always looking for ways to improve upon my writing and editing skills. I'm looking forward to graduating in May! 

Muir Woods, California
I love tattoos! I have five and several ideas for more. My most recent tattoo was inspired by the Redwood forest I visited while on vacation in Northern California.
Tattoo by Zana, Louisville, Ky
Also, I am the creator of the google+ community group Critique My Blog! 

About Joy's Blog:

I started this blog in 2009 after I developed a passion for writing. On this blog you will find:
Tips on writing and blogging
Writing process
Reviews & Interviews
General writing and literature discussions
And of course, some random things are thrown in every so often!
Look around and enjoy!!

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